The Haynes Sisters - Tiffany, Tonya and Tara

It all began many years ago when Rev and Mrs Haynes prayed for a trio that would sing and play stringed instruments.  Well, God is faithful!  Tiffany, Tonya and Tara were the answer to that prayer.  Raised in the church as daughters of a Music Minister and Children's Choir Director, The Haynes Sisters fell in love with music and songs to Jesus.  From the very beginning, instead of fussing and fighting, they learned to listen to each other and sing in 3-part harmony.  Mom and Dad were a lot smarter than they realized!  

Their love for music grew as each one learned to play stringed instruments: Tiffany on violin, Tonya on cello and Tara on viola. Church youth orchestras and school orchestras helped in nurturing their desire to play strings, but The Haynes Sisters, vocally, were already being compared to other singing sisters like The Andrews Sisters and Lennon Sisters.  

Desiring to be their very best for the Lord, The Haynes Sisters decided to study music further.  All three sisters graduated from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, TX.  They went on to study music at The University of North Texas where they earned their degrees:  Tiffany-Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, Tonya-Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television and Film, and Tara-Bachelor Music Education.  

Now, all three sisters are busy wives and mommies and enjoying it to the fullest! Their testimonies describe the struggles and joys of this life, but they proclaim boldly that God is still Healer, Defender, Savior and Friend to those who call upon Him!  The Haynes Sisters desire to lead others to Him through the gifts He's given them in music! They believe, also, that "a merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones".  The Haynes Sisters love to sing those light-hearted songs of yesteryear. Let us all worship and glorify Jesus in the good times and not so good times, in laughter and in tears.  The Haynes Sisters do just that!