1. Miss'ippi Days

From the album From The Heart


Miss’ippi Days
Been a long hard day today. Working hard to make that pay.  Gotta keep going.
After work I’m home again making meals and cleaning spills.  My head is spinning.
Gotta stop, take a breath, think of how to simplify.  All at once I am there to a place when life was right.  Life was much more simple then, growing strong and living life like children.  Spending time with ones we loved, laughing hard and playing games like kickball.  To the creek we would swim, let our feet sink in the sand.  Bake a cake. Decorate.  MaMaw lend a hand.
PawPaw preached on Saving Grace, perfect love on Nanny’s face.  Knowing right. Knowing wrong.  Knowing Truth would set us free.  Go to church.  Read the Book. Sing in perfect harmony, “Happy day, happy day when Jesus washed my sins away!”
Take me back to those Miss’ippi days.  Miss’ippi play in that Miss’ippi clay.
Snapping green beans, dreaming big dreams, learning to lean in those Miss’ippi Days.